No. 88, Yuwu Commercial Second Street, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Company spirit: self-improvement and self-motivation sincere and refined work together to create brilliant endeavour
Company aim: create first-class staff ,have first-class technology to create first-class products and services for customers
Company style: agile execution in place
Values: hard working, honesty, innovation and quality first
Philosophy: customer demand is the direction of our struggle, customer satisfaction is the goal of our work
Talent: have both talent and virtue, dare to show, commitment 
Company strategy: use the best products and value price, quickly capture the market
Company vision: to make customer satisfaction so that employees are proud of social identity
Excellent staff essential professional accomplishment
Dedication: only you treat the position, the post can be good to you
Development: linked to the company's needs, will be leaps and bounds
Initiative: from want me to do to I want to do
Responsibility: will play will have great development
Execution: ensure completion of tasks
Character: small victory by wisdom, big victory by Morality
Performance: not regards the hard work, regards the credit
Teamwork: achieving the best of self in a team
Wisdom: there is a way to think more
Image: you are the company's brand.