No. 88, Yuwu Commercial Second Street, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Company overview 
Company Background
RunSheng packing was established in Hong Kong. Main production, processing and trade primarily. In order to meet the market requirement, the guest needs and born embellish of packaging production line migrated to Dongguan, China will. Our customers located in Hong Kong, China in Europe and other regions, region and more won many international brand door adopt!
Our foreign trade team
We are a trade integration of advanced printing and packaging factory, will have the priority to be responsible for the foreign trade team, their mastery of foreign languages, they have many years of experience in foreign trade, sincere attitude, excellent work performance, customers around the praise. Win a good reputation! We provide twenty-four hours of professional after-sales service, to provide customers with the most efficient solutions and services.
Our ability
1.       We have 20 years experience of producing plastic packing bag.
2.       We have professional sales team serve for you.
3.       We have got QS and ISO9001 certifications.
4.       High quality and reasonable price.
5.       We can promise you a short lead time(7-12days).
6.       We have factory and can offer you direct price.
7.       We have complete relevant products
8.       A OPP bag can be punched thousands of holes. We have high-grade OPP
Square bottom color printing bag, very complex plastic bag with special process
And automatic packing film with one opening and another side easy-to-tear.
Core Business
Accept custom all products!
The main productions:
1, Auto bag: automatic packaging pre opened auto bag, auto bag with medical drugs packing, pre side opened automatic packaging bag on roll,
2,Laminated bag: dog food packing bag, sack packing, laminated bag of toys packing, clear tool packing bags, three side sealing bag, four sides sealing bags, zipper bag, composite card head bag, nylon vacuum bag, aluminum foil / aluminum vacuum bag, high temperature cooking/ boiled composite bag, wash aluminum composite bags, vacuum aluminum foil bag,
3, BOPP bag with header: OPP header bag, printing header bag, composite material head bag, aluminum foil vacuum bag,
4, micro perforated bag: vegetable preservation micro perforated bag, air permeability of micro perforated bag, bread packaging micro perforated bag,
5,Square bottom bag: square bottom bag for bread packing, square bottom candy packing bag,
cake packaging square bottom bag,
6,Handle bag: PE, Po, PP, OPP, low-grade gift advertising Star Portrait handle bags, shopping handle bag, gift packaging handle bag, supermarket shopping handle bags, clothes packaging handle bag.
7,Card sleeves: game Wang series card sleeves, Japan sexy series card sleeves, multi color printing card sleeves, matte card sleeves, transparent card sleeves,
8,Roll of film: film on roll for food packaging, aluminum roll film, heat transfer from type color film and color printing composite automatic packaging film roll various special-shaped composite bag.
Our variety, style, complete, in line meet international safety standards, we have a competitive price and quality, We have more experience that cooperation with a number of well-known brands. Our main marketing is Europe, Hongkong, mainland China, the United States and other regions, praised by users
9. In addition, Website design, product design, packaging design, sales promotion product form design。we undertake the company network promotion construction, sales promotion product form design. And gifts and premium matched designing. For the company to make plan propaganda scheme publicity. We have our electronic goods, authorized agent. All kinds of trade agent.
Quality Control and Management
Our products have been thoroughly tested by international in stitutions and recognized organizations. T hey have certified our products are non-flammable, resistant to discoloring and do not constitute poisonous elements such as lead. Our production plant is certified to ISO quality assurance standard. We strive to improve ourselves in order taking, purchasing, operations and quality control, in order to meet our customers' needs.
Our Production Line and People
Located in mainland China, We have A、B factory house with semi-automated machinery, all imported from oversea. Our production line is monitored by sophisticated quality control system, generating over 500 tons of plastic bags each year. We employ some 200 skilled technicians. Together with our sound experience and advanced equipment, our employees are dedicated to provide good service to you. Our 24 hours-operating production line enable us to provide efficient delivery service to customers in a wider anger of industries, regardless of the size of the orders within.