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Packaging planning the most important function is to maintain the product, followed by landscaping products and convey information. It is noteworthy that the modern terms of cost, the latter two functions are now showing more and more importance. We continue to progress along the day level, we not only meet the food and clothing of the day, while the product more and more critical. Competition between similar products produced in the factory and also intensified, particularly in supermarkets continue to expand, the packaging should be planning more outstanding information products and value function. So, how talent let consumers in the purchase process, both ways to purchase products on the shelves? I thought good packaging planning process in addition to the fundamental principles of planning, but also focuses on research activities in consumer's mind, competence in similar products in the hard-edged.
1 spent motivation
The most direct approach is to arouse consumer product packaging procurement. The formulation of the product packaging solutions should be the first thought of this approach. Second, even if consumers are not ready to purchase this product, they should also promote the brand of the product, packaging and labels as well as manufacturers produced a good image occurs.
Resolution consumers to spend money on things move in a certain motivation carried out under advance. We must move from the often one-sided allocation of internal motivation that is the reason, and the motivation is closely related to the need, motivation is bound to the performance required under the conditions, is transformed from human needs. In other words, people in order to satisfy a need to move in. Store consumers to purchase a product because they need this product. As winter comes, everyone will shop to purchase jackets or coats and other things to ward off the cold.
Motivated by the need to translate from, but not necessarily the needs of people all can promote people to move into the motives. Usually we need to be experienced in a desired manner to people. For example, many people expect from a beautiful skin well-being, this is human nature. But if there is no such exhibit anti-wrinkle cream beauty cosmetics, this expectation does not advance you purchase cosmetic move, but only in a desired manner the existence of the human heart. Whenever a factory producing such products, and to promote through advertising, so that consumers know to have to meet expectations from a beauty cosmetics, at the moment, consumers will go to stores to purchase such cosmetics. This is to meet the expectations of the motive propulsion under procurement action. Just then, it needs to be converted to the true motives. Be the purchasing power move.
Human needs are hierarchical, many psychologists has done a deepening discussion. American psychologists Maslow's "hierarchy of needs" that is one of the meantime. He put human needs into five levels:
(1) physiological needs: food, drink, air, etc.;
(2) safety needs: risk and horror on the need for freedom;
(3) attribution love needs: to get the pro-peace, a family needs;
(4) respect the needs, the need to honor the outcome;
(5) self actual needs.
During the practical need to include self-knowledge required; aesthetic needs; to a growing need for self; full since you will need a talented and so on. Some consumers purchase products, on the one hand to use, on the other hand would like to take a position from emerging, education and appreciation, and so on. For example, when "Big Brother" (Mobile phone) just entering the Chinese market, many procurement "Big Brother" of the people in addition to the use, in addition, in a business division or a show from the "economic power" in a public place to meet their vanity . We can say that this is a motivation to meet the energy needs of the procurement. Thus. In preparing the plan is not the same product positioning packaging, consumers respond to the needs and motivations for the type of survey research. So that there is about sex to be packaged plan.
2 purchasing behavior characteristics
(1) Existing consumer purchasing behavior purchase to meet the physical and material needs, but also to meet the social and energy procurement needs. For example, the purchase of tobacco, alcohol, food, milk, clothing, footwear and other things, basically to meet the physical needs to feed their families, nutrients, such as thermal insulation. Procurement of various books, magazine subscriptions, purchasing color TV, VCD and so is the need for a job or to meet the needs of energy and so on.
(2) consumer purchasing behavior is sometimes made of a motive assigned, sometimes motivated by a variety of messy induction distribution. These motives are usually staggered move together to form purchasing system. Meet the energy, motivation is often accompanied by social needs to meet the physical, material needs of motivation. For example, low-income consumers generally focus only on the use of the product value, product requirements are cheap. This is caused by a purchasing motive assigned purchase products move. The economy lucrative move generally spend more elegant packaging quality. Here are some consumer purchasing motivation is the appropriate messy, physiological, physical and energy needs, social needs intertwined, during which energy needs of society occupy a dominant position. Followed day level continues to progress, it takes changing in the establishment of policies and programs targeting the packaging, it should be more from the social life and meet everyone's energy needs into account.
(3) The consumer needs to be made after the primary fundamental physiological need to meet high-grade energy, society needs to be done. On most people: "well fed and bred," which reflects the need to carry out. But the high-grade energy, social needs will not occur spontaneously, but in the social and physical environment and teaching ability to carry out the mall constituted after the impact rule. Constituting the upscale consumer needs in certain level is also affected by the impact of packaging and counseling programs, namely consumers' motivations is subject to product packaging counseling. For example, the packaging of mineral water plan, if only to promote the role of thirst and neglect their minerals contained in the water the body needs, trace elements, as well as the introduction of clean-being, the role will definitely not excellent. As modern consumers need of drinking water not only to quench their thirst, and also playing some of the material elements needed to make up the human body. Planning should first demonstrate its quality origin (natural mineral water), there are many close-containing human body needs a variety of minerals, as well as to ensure the safety of drinking Ankang. In this way, consumers will be infected, will be packaged in accordance with procurement planning counseling mineral water, and then meet the needs of the physiological and effort on everyone and seek. As long as know ourselves, we know the rules of consumers' motivations, and acting talents have been spent coaching package performance.
3 Planning psychological factors
(1) attractive packaging is enhanced first feature role. Note that is a feature of the human mind to know active processes, it is people know things and gathering point. Note that the appearance is not an independent thought process, in the sense that everyone regardless of when the recall or thought will show the note characteristics. From the analysis of psychology research, in order to make planning a packaging consumers pay attention to and be able to know, experience, constitute strong recall, is acting on the human eye, ear sensory organs packaging text, colors, graphics, and sound, etc. conditions unique characteristics inseparable.
In everyone's visual cognitive activities, not forced to endure the objective stimulus stimulus. But in the objective stimulus and one-sided internal psychological factors human interaction conducted. Product packaging text, graphics, color and overall shape, for consumers, it is a kind of "visual elements" of the stimulus, which stimulus is necessary to have a certain image features unique talent cause consumer attention.
(2) emotions and associations. Planners of the packaging is not too difficult to do eye-catching, but not with the public to do the same, but also show the inner product of civilization and dedication of point (needs) is the most crucial point in the planning process.
In planning product packaging elements, the color of the strongest impact. Product packaging by the use of color, consumers will occur Lenovo, induce a variety of emotions, thoughts change in procurement. But the use of color to stir the emotions must rule should be complied with. Of psychology research that, in the production of food packaging, do not use less blue, green color. And orange, orange is reminiscent of rich, sophisticated, and leading to customer's appetite to promote purchasing behavior. Like our real life, the consumer purchasing supplements products, mostly have a large area of ??warm product packaging satisfied. While detergents are packaged cold tone invigoration more. This product is both one-sided reason is consumer emotional association role.
(3) the success of the product packaging does not only lead to consumer emotion and association, and should also enable consumers "never forget."
Of psychology is that people recall past experienced things reproduce. Recall that the mind is an important part of the process to know. Process contains fundamental memorizing, persistence, recall and recognition. Meanwhile, memorizing and adhere to the conditions; recall and recognition is the result. Just memorizing, adhere to strong, recall and recognition ability is completed.
Thus, product packaging planning to get consumers to remember, it is necessary to the performance of products distinctive characteristics, clear and concise text, graphics, image, product characteristics together but also reflects the civilization and modern funky cost, ability to let consumers lasting memories.
4 Conclusion
The mind is extremely wonderful activity, and it is difficult to try to figure out, they usually rely on a self-image of the product purchase. Product packaging for consumer tests indicated mind, beauty and ugliness, elegance and vulgarity, attention and exclusion, the emotional mind on these men and women not only different, but also because of national, regional and their eccentricity is quite different . So, as a planner is necessary to know all kinds of thoughts malls, research and analysis to planning elements of consumers. As long as this ability to accurately plan and groped packaging rules consumers mind active and progressive role of packaging programs to promote consumer purchasing the product occurs move