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Welcome to packing bag industry activity
Category:Industry news    2016-09-01 14:58
Activity’s goal: In order to enhance the understanding of packing bag products, today we packing bag supplier China will make some activities here for all customers. You can ask any questions or join the activities’ interactive activities with your family and friends.
Activity’s product: all kinds of packing bags, such as auto bag, OPP header bag, game card sleeves, handle shopping bag, food packing bag and so on.
Period of activity: It is about a week when activity starts from company.
Area of activity: There is no boundary for online shopping products and we can chat or discuss the packing bags’ market for wholesale food packing bag through all kinds of talking tools, like whatsapp, skype, wechat, qq or phone.
Objects of activity: all customers
Theme of activity: “win-win” strategy is what we pursuit. We hope that we can supply you with high quality products as well as good service during the activity or the business relationship.
You can join our and discuss with them for high quality handle shopping bag if you see this activity. Having a good day for all of you guys.