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Brief introduction of rs-packingbag company
Category:Industry news    2016-10-08 09:31
Right introduction would tell others exactly who you are and what you do in your lifetime. Now as a member of rs-packingbag company, today as packing bag supplier China, I would like to give a brief introduction for rs-packingbag company and I hope you can find the suitable products in there.
First of all, I want to talk about the specifications in my company. You know that customized products need specific dimension or some other demands. Now we can produce as your requirements. For example, the dimension will be different as per customer's requirement. Of course, the color and print would be customized printed, with or without logo,1-8 colors available from market of wholesale food packing bag. What’s more, for the usage, they are widely used special shop tagger shopping mall stores daily life clothes and gifts. Finally, it is about certifications: SGS.Reach, Rohs, 94/62/EC, Phthalates, EN71 Part 3, BHT, Halogen, PFOA&PFOS, etc.
Competitive price with high quality handle shopping bag would be popular among customers and you can have a view at here and I believe you would love with it!