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Have a question for packing bags?
Category:Industry news    2016-11-07 14:29
H: Welcome to rs-packingbag company and today we invite some guests to join our performance for the advice of packing bags.
G: Nice to meet you, my dear packing bag supplier China. Actually, I get some questions here for you today.
H: Good. I believe we can do better with your sincere advice and opinions as listening makes progress!
G: Would these packing bags be sturdy enough to use as a gift bag for fruit?
H: Thank you for your worry and I think you could them for fruit as they are very sturdy and we have already consider the sturdy possibility when we send them for wholesale food packing bag for all kinds of storage.
G: I was wondering the storage space for the packing bags. Does it fit a 2lb. bread machine loaf?
H: We make test for the bread in a large Dutch oven and it fits my loaf so yes.. I am pretty sure it will fit your loaf.. They are quite large.
H: Thanks for the questions about the our respectable guests and we would try our best to give you guys high quality handle shopping bag with our heart! Today’s performance is over and have a nice day for you!