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Handle shopping bags’ popularity
Category:Industry news    2016-11-17 08:57
We all know that our fingers would not feel so pain if there is a handle on packing bag when we put some products in it. That is the reason why it is popular among packing bag supplier China for supplying for customers. We all know its benefits and we would like to choose it first. 
Do you know these handle shopping bags? Generally speaking, these bags are a type of retail packaging with a handle or mechanism made for carrying. Under this situation, your fingers would not be hurt by the sharp edge. They are typically made from a glossy or matte-finished plastic or a paper material when we wholesale food packing bag, they are available in a range of styles including T-shirt and reusable shopping bags. Those can be reused provide less waste than their disposable counterparts, while paper shopping bags can be recycled easier. Paper and plastic merchandise bags may have an attached or die-cut handle for portability.
The type of handle in high quality handle shopping bag, in addition to the material of the bag itself, will determine carrying capacity. Under this situation, we could get the reason for its popularity.