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Strict demand for toys packaging bags
Category:Industry news    2016-12-16 14:37
Kids are our future and we would protect them very well, even for the toys for kids, we need to keep the safety of it. Some mothers would say the toys packing bags from packing bag supplier China may cause for our children. So countries have made strict demand for toys packing bags.
Europe, the United States and other countries has clear demand for quality of children's toys, even for soft plastic film and bags, they have clear requirements. EU regulations clearly stipulate that toy packaging shall not constitute a risk of strangulation or suffocation caused by air obstruction. Of course, for food packing bags, we need to get high quality wholesale food packing bag too for our kids. Therefore, the Chinese inspection and quarantine departments in the daily inspection supervision should increase the export of children's toys packaging thickness inspection efforts to improve corporate responsibility and a sense of crisis.
Important thing need to be said by three times and I want to say that high quality handle shopping bag is really necessary for us!