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How to choose green aluminum foil packing bags
Category:Industry news    2016-12-27 11:03
We may have the bad experience for the heavy taste packing bags when we go to market. As packing bag supplier China, I would tell you that this kind of bag is bad for our health especially when you use it as your food packing bags. Then how to choose green aluminum foil packing bags?
As the big factory for the pacing bags manufacturers, we know that what we need to do is as far as possible without the use of coating, coating materials, color plastic bags when we produce the food packaging. This type of aluminum foil bags are often made of recycled plastics. For high quality wholesale food packing bag, we know that this kind of food packaging factory is no smell, no smell. A special smell of plastic bags can not be used for food packaging. Should be used as far as possible without coating, coating of packaging materials, children re-disease insurance.
You need to use high quality original materials for the high quality handle shopping bag for customers.