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How to check the vacuum packing bags
Category:Industry news    2016-12-28 15:45
We all know that we cannot use it for food packing if the vacuum packing bags broken or damage when we get them from packing bag supplier China. However, sometimes our eyes cannot tell us the bad or good for the vacuum packing bags. Then how to check the vacuum packing bags?
We need to check the appearance of vacuum bags first. The main check for the appearance is to see if there is a significant bag of abrasions; whether there is a pinhole; whether there is pollution; sealing whether the specification. Compressive strength and bursting strength of the test. Under this situation, we would wholesale food packing bag with high quality. The strength and breaking strength of the method is to use heavy extrusion method, the bag on the desktop, and then add the above weight, for one minute, the first vacuum bag whether there is loss of shape, leakage and so on. In the selection of materials, to use environmentally friendly materials, pay attention to aluminum foil packaging materials recyclable, green materials, do not use secondary waste, especially food packaging bags do not use industrial waste or recycled materials.
Once you use high quality handle shopping bag, there is not too much worry about your health from the damage of bags.