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How to identify unqualified plastic packing bags?
Category:Industry news    2016-12-29 09:41
Now most of the food market shopping mall will use plastic packaging bags for the goods. This plastic packaging items is light and convenient when customers use. However, how could we identify unqualified plastic packing bags when we wholesale from packing bag supplier China?
There are three simple ways for you guys to identify it easily. First, hand recognition method. Quality of food plastic bags hand-touch for the smooth and flexible feel, feel stiff and sticky mostly unqualified packaging. Second, water immersion identification is another way when we test the wholesale food packing bag. Quality of food plastic bags on the water containers will float up, poor quality or unqualified often sink in the water. The third is the ignition identification method. Qualified easy to light, blue flame, toxic and harmful unqualified plastic bags are not easy to ignite.
By these ways, I believe you can get the high quality handle shopping bag when you go to the market. 

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