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Laminated bag
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Laminated bag

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Product Description
Item name Zip Lock / Laminated Bags
HS code 3923290000
Size According to your requirements Customized
Material OPP/CPP (polypropylene) /PET(polyester)
Color Gravure printing 1-8 colors
Application notes BOPP/CPP Packing of daily necessities
BOPP/LDPE Packing of daily necessities
PET/CPP Moisture, powder, dry cargo class
BOPP/VMPET/CPP Aluminum bags, keep the fragrance
BOPP/AL/LDPE Aluminum bags
PET/AL/LDPE The most commonly used aluminum bags
PA/LDPE Food and liquid packaging for cold storage
PET/PA/LDPE Food and liquid packaging for cold storage
1. Outer layer: enhance the mechanical strength of the bag body, heat resistance, printing performance and optical properties, etc.
2. Middle layer: the main function of the composite structure. Such as barrier, shading, incense, etc.
3. Inner layer: mainly used for sealing, followed by the pressure of the package material, drop, sealing performance, etc.
Applicable Range
Food packaging, instant noodles, biscuits, candy, dried food, fried food, rice, potato chips, electronic products, toys, gifts, crafts and other packaging.